Due to other water activities at Carsington Water we will be using a three-buoy race format with two laps to complete the required 3K SUP distance.


For anyone that has taken part in a #supbikerun event, you’ll know and understand that they are pretty relaxed events. Unlike a traditional triathlon event that uses a mass start, we phase our participants on to the lake in small groups and only when they are ready. This relaxed approach means less bunching on and off the water but also if you forget something or require a quick toilet break then you can do so with out rushing or missing the start.

Once you are ready to start your event you will make your way to the SUP Start zone. Here a marshal will check you have everything you need, in most cases this is simply your board, paddle and leash. For Carsington Water, Severn Trent insist that all participants wear a buoyancy aid before entering the water. You can of course either bring your own or we will issue you one at the waters edge. As soon as you cross the last rubber mat before the waters edge your SUP time will commence. You will then navigate a 2-lap course around 3 race buoys before exiting the water at the flagged area (close to where you entered the water).


The SUP course is triangular in shape and uses two triangular Red buoys and one large square Yellow buoy. You will head out to Red buoy 1 and then to the Yellow buoy 2, back to red buoy 3 then round again to complete a 2nd lap. On reaching the red buoy 3 for the 2nd time you will then head across to the SUP finish line marked clearly with marshals and feather flags.


As you approach the bank, drop down to your knees and remove the leash from your leg. A marshal will then help you from the water and assist you in removing your buoyancy aid. The marshal will then take your SUP board and paddle leaving you free to run on to the bike transition zone. If you are using your own SUP board then it will be stored safely within the far corner of the bike transition zone. It will remain here until you have completed the event and are ready to collect it. Please note, only you can collect your board and you must be wearing your race number wristband. If the SUP board and paddle are hired from us then the marshal will still take them from you but they will be returned to the SUP Start Zone.


The Surfdome Pop-Up store and sponsors zone is very close to where participants exit the lake and run through to the bike transition zone. We therefore encourage you to visit this area to browse the Surfdome store, sample some delicious Little Miracles drinks and visit the Specialized stand where you can view an exciting range of 2016 bikes. Within this area, we will also have the Fanatic zone where a full range of Fanatic SUP boards can be viewed and demo’d on the Saturday before our event.

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