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Leading fitness and health brand SuperVitality has announced it’s exclusive nutritional sponsorship of the #supbikerun 2015 Series of Events.

Ahead of the events, SuperVitality will be recommending all participants nutritional advice and training programmes on the best way to prepare, compete and recover after the grueling events.

Nutrition stations will be positioned throughout the courses, offering a range of hydration, endurance and repair products – such as shakes, supplements and protein-filled snacks – that will optimise performance and aid muscle reparation.

SuperVitality is a leading sports nutrition company, which includes former England rugby international Lewis Moody as a director and PureGym co-founder James Jack as chairman. Their top-of-the-range product line is made from the finest natural ingredients, all of which can be traced back to their UK source.

Moody commented, “Good preparation, nutrition and supplementation can make the difference between winning and losing. We’re looking forward to being part of these exciting events this year, and seeing the impact our products can make on the participants’ experience”.

As a Rugby World Cup winner, Moody is testament to this ethos and has helped create this brand, which is suitable for both high performance athletes and ambitious amateurs who are looking to challenge themselves in 2015.

Nutritional advice and programmes from SuperVitality can be found on their website

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