N1SCO Sprint Race

Back for 2017, another fun addition to the #supbikerun event series is the N1SCO Sprint Race.

Delivered on the Saturday afternoon at 1pm at both of our events, the N1SCO sprint race is open to all abilities with the emphasis on fun. A simple knockout race, set over a 50m course, this event is free to enter with some great prizes to be won.

What is N1SCO?

“Naish International SUP Class Organization” which is a one design racing class where all riders compete exclusively on the ONE 12’6”. It offers a fun, fair, and cost effective competition format for all contestants, regardless of size or experience.

I’ve never raced before… I’m nervous!

Don’t be! As mentioned, the emphasis is on the fun and this race is truly open to all abilities. All participants use a Naish One board, the ONE 12’6” is hands down, the best-selling inflatable SUP around the world for all-around cruising, long distance touring and N1SCO one design racing.

Who can enter this?

The N1SCO Sprint Race is open to all #supbikerun participants and their family and friends. Free to enter, don’t get too hung up on where you finish… just enter and have fun!


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