With the days getting ever shorter and darkness setting in earlier, maintaining your activity and retaining a base level of fitness can become tricky.

But just because it’s getting dark earlier doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and play. In fact, for those who haven’t experienced night riding or running, it’s fair to say you have missed out on a truly wonderful experience.

Imagine trails free from dog walkers, ramblers and other frustrating hazards. Imagine an environment free from noise where your light casts shadows that make the tamest of trails look gnarly and exciting. Welcome my friends to the wonderful world of night riding and running, a truly amazing nocturnal experience.

With advances in technology around clothing and lighting, it’s fair to say that even though the sun isn’t in the sky you can still enjoy an amazing ride or run. There are so many advantages of riding or running at night. Your lack of peripheral vision adds to the excitement and gives a greater sense of speed. With no visible horizon, your mind can play tricks and it’s this focus that sharpens your reactions. Put simply, if you nail your night riding then riding in the day becomes a breeze.

Night riding can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the saddle. Trails you ride regularly that perhaps have become a little boring take on a whole new life at night. And whilst the trails may be free from people at night, they certainly won’t be free from wildlife. At night the forest comes alive with woodland creatures and you can expect to see badgers, foxes, deer and owls. Areas you think you know well in the day become a surreal and wonderful wilderness at night.

So wrap up warm, be prepared with the right kit and invest in some quality bike lights… and get out there and experience ‘The Night Trails’.

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