If you have ever struggled with breakfast before a workout or been let down with blenders then we urge you to check out the Nutribullet.

Put simply, this funky little blender has revolutionized breakfast time in the office. Gone are the concerns of ensuring you have taken on sufficient nutrients and protein pre-workout… breakfast has become a fun time!
Smoothies are by no means a new thing but where the Nutribullet wins hands down against other blenders is its simple functionality, power and easy of cleaning. The last time our team tackled breakfast smoothies was with a hand blender, this proved tricky to clean and after a few days the novelty soon wore off.

680ml maximum capacity; 2 short cups (1 with removable handle), 1 tall cup and 2 lids; milling blade and extractor blade; 600W motor; H31 x W15 x D14cm

The Nutribullet is a compact and powerful blender with sleek design that looks awesome on any work surface… we especially love the new Cherry Red version. Supplied with both milling and extractor blades, the powerful 600W motor and innovative blade system extracts all the goodness out of whatever ingredients you throw in to the blending cup.


This little blender has become an essential tool for creating delicious nutrient packed breakfasts for our team... we simply cannot fault it in any way!

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