Sustainability & Environment


The partnerships we develop as an events company are helping to cut greenhouse gases, reduce waste, and educate our participants about sustainability and caring for the environment.

From working with partners that only use Eco-design products, ensuring our own packaging is plastic free, and working with brands that only use biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging. Our focus is to always educate our participants. We are conscious that water is a precious resource and although we make access to drinking water and water to wash as open as possible for our participants, we also educate on best practice to limit the amount of water that is used.

Recycling zones are located at every event, but we ask our participants to take any rubbish they have home.

We ask that participants bringing their own board to our events ensure it is thoroughly washed in fresh water. We then provide a board wash zone at our events to prevent the spread of any disease or pests.