How tough is a SUPBIKERUN event?

How tough is a SUPBIKERUN event?

The big question we get asked most frequently, just how tough is a SUPBIKERUN event?


Depending on which distance you select (Standard or Long), your SUP adventure will be either 3K or 6K. To put that in perspective, an average paddle boarder in good weather conditions (not windy) will look to complete 3K in just under 30 minutes. Throw in a bit of wind, perhaps a little chop on the water and that time can increase. For the experienced paddle boarder, and those using race specific boards, then 3K can be smashed out as quickly as 20 minutes.

In terms of what paddle boards you can use, the answer is anything. We have participants using inflatable boards, rigid boards, all round boards, tourers, and race boards. Whatever you have, and whatever you are used to using then it’s all good for SUPBIKERUN.

If you don’t own a paddle board then don’t worry, you can still take part in a SUPBIKERUN event. We always have a limited number of tickets that include paddle board hire. Simply select this option at check out and we will have a board and paddle ready for you at the SUP start zone.

So that’s the SUP part, expect 20 – 30mins on the water for 3K, and 45 – 50mins if completing the 6K distance.


New for ’22, you now have the option of either a mountain bike (off-road) route or a stunning road route for the road cycling enthusiast. Once again, we don’t mind what type of bike you use, there are no rules, just ensure your bike is in good condition, and either suitable to ride off-road (MTB) or in good road worthy condition.

If you own an E-bike then you still can enter, we now have an E-bike category. This means your times will be split out at the end keeping it fair and clear to other competitors exactly who is a pedal power super star, and who had a little help!

The bike distances for the Standard distance are 15K MTB or 20K Road and for the Long distance it’s 30K MTB and 40K Road. For the average fitness rider, there wouldn’t be a huge difference in time between the MTB and Road option. So, let’s say your partner or friend decides to complete the MTB route and you choose the Road option, then it’s fair to say you’ll probably finish around the same time if of an equal level of fitness.

So that’s the Bike bit, expect 45mins – 1hr for Standard distance and 1hr30 – 2hrs for the Long (all times based on average rider fitness, not elite triathlete!).


Your SUPBIKERUN adventure always concludes with a super fun and very scenic trail run. For the standard distance you’ll complete a 5K trail loop and 10K for the Long distance.

The trail routes vary considerably subject to the venue BUT it is fair to say that as lakeside venues, the trail routes typically follow the lake, so tend to be quite flat, a mix of terrain including bridleways, and trails through meadows and woodland.

So that’s the Trail Run, expect to be running on tired legs after the SUP and Bike. A person with average level of fitness will complete the standard distance of 5K in 30-40mins, and the Long distance in 1hr – 1hr20.


Yes is the simple answer! It’s certainly no walk-in park! Somebody with an average level of fitness taking on the Standard distance will be active in SUPBIKERUN for just over 2hrs and up to 4hrs for the Long distance.

Our events are tough but they are open to all abilities, you certainly don’t have to be a seasoned triathlete, just someone who loves an adventure, is looking for a totally unique challenge, and most importantly looking to have fun!

So grab your friends, grab your family, book your tickets, book your camping, and get your SUPBIKERUN on people!

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