The ALTO belt pack and paddle boarding… do you need one?


The ALTO belt pack and paddle boarding… do you need one?

Currently, PFD’s or personal flotation devices are not compulsory at SUPBIKERUN events. We have always strongly advised that our participants take water safety seriously, and we have encouraged participants to wear a PFD… but it’s not a fixed rule. For many years, we took the view that our participants have been safety briefed, provided a basic level of training, are watched over by a highly professional water safety team, and are leashed to a large inflatable board.

But is that enough?!

The honest answer is that even the most experienced paddleboarder can run into difficulties. Mother nature can be unpredictable, weather can change quickly, and even the best kit can at times fail. You need to be prepared, and it’s your individual responsibility to stay safe on the water.  

Sadly, and for many in the water world, PFD’s have been seen as ‘un-cool’, worn by the inexperienced, cumbersome, hot, bulky. And whilst there’s some truth in the later, to not wear a PFD because you think it’s ‘un-cool’ is just foolish, trust me, there’s nothing cool about getting into serious difficulties in the water.

Following 3-months of testing the ALTO belt pack by Spinlock, we can safely say with absolute confidence and clarity, that this is a ‘must-have’ product within your paddle boarding kit-list. It’s lightweight, you really don’t notice wearing it and that’s wearing it over a t-shirt and boardshorts. If you’re wearing a wetsuit or tri-suit, then you definitely won’t notice it.

So, it’s not cumbersome, bulky, or intrusive to wear. It looks cool, Spinlock produce the ALTO in a wide range of colours (Atol Blue, Black, Citrus Yellow, Fluro Orange, Mercury Red) and in a one-size fits all design. Then there’s the functionality, should you get in to trouble, pull the toggle and you have split second inflation. Before you have time to even think about the word inflation, the pack has deployed a large horseshoe flotation device up and under your armpits with 75N of emergency buoyancy.

And it’s not a one hit wonder. Should you run in to difficulties and deploy the pack, once back on dry land it is easy to pack away, replace the gas canister, ready for future adventures.

Finally, and most importantly, there’s the cost of the ALTO belt pack. Most retailers online are selling the pack for between £45 – £60 subject to stock availability and delivery cost. It’s peanuts folks, a total bargain! With the average vest style PDF costing £60 – £100, why wouldn’t you wear an ALTO?!

In our professional opinion, the ALTO belt pack by Spinlock is brilliant, super innovative, highly effective, cost effective… get one, get a few for your family, and use the promo code SUPBIKERUN for a lovely discount when you buy directly from Spinlock.


Spinlock is an independent and innovative company based in Cowes, UK, the ‘Home of Yachting’. Spinlock has over forty years; experience of designing and manufacturing for the marine sector.

Spinlock will supply SUPBIKERUN with the ALTO Belt Pack, a lightweight and innovative safety flotation device. We will have 30 ALTO packs at the start line of each event for our participants to use. Alternatively, you can purchase your own ALTO pack with 25% off by using the link below and using the promo code: SUPBIKERUN

Learn more about Spinlock and the ALTO: