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Registration, start, transitions and finish

SUPBIKERUN is a very relaxed and friendly event, open to all abilities with the emphasis on enjoying and exploring the great outdoors. Each event follows a fixed structure taking you through three challenges. SUP | BIKE | RUN. Let’s talk you through what you can expect upon arrival at a SUPBIKERUN event and what you need to...


Free SUP classes and workshops

SUPBIKERUN events are staged over 2-days. The Saturday dedicated to everything SUP and the Sunday delivering the main event. All participants that book a SUPBIKERUN ticket can select a free SUP class or workshop. For those that have never SUP’d before you can select a SUP Taster session. This is the ‘ready to ride’ course that will...


SUP training and muscle groups

Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively easy sport to learn and with the correct SUP training develops and works a full range of muscle groups. It’s very accessible and you can train at sea and on inland waterways including rivers, lakes, canals and even swimming pools. Typically, following an introduction or SUP taster session most people...


Triathlon growth and Tri SUP events

The sport of triathlon has seen significant growth over the last five years and shows no sign of slowing down. But what’s the attraction, who’s doing these events and just why are mass participation events seeing such good growth rates? Partly it would seem, a percentage of this growth rate could be attributed to social exposure. Also...