Message from our Race Director


Message from our Race Director

We’re sorry… really very sorry! For over 18-months, SUPBIKERUN has effectively been closed for business. Also teetering on the edge of closure, and possible liquidation. Covid has knocked our business for 6, and the outlook has been very dark!

Thankfully, due to the success of the vaccine rollout, events are now starting to dust themselves off. Now its time to look forward to the future.

Please do not think you have lost out financially. Whilst we are unable to offer you refunds on your tickets, you are guaranteed a ticket to a SUPBIKERUN event of your choice next year. If this doesn’t suit you, you are permitted to transfer the ticket to a friend or family member. We are very sorry for the total lack of communication with you. There is no excuse for this, it is not good business, and certainly does not live up to our usual pro-active approach to customer service.

Planning The Future 

Right now we are busy planning next year. Next year will see us bounce back with 8 events over 4 stunning locations, with the introduction of road cycling as well as the usual off-road bike course. We hope this exciting new introduction will open up SUPBIKERUN to a much wider community than we already reach, and help us to not only sustain our business but explode our growth over the next couple of years. From this week, you will start to receive regular updates and news, you will also start to see activity on our social feeds as we build-up to the launch of the 2022 race season.

Once again, our sincere apologies for ignoring you for so long. Please do not think you are forgotten, you are not. Your tickets are safe, and we really look forward to seeing you next year.